Snake Skin Under Home
Snake Skin Under Home

Snakes under the Home

In Pasadena, It is not uncommon for snakes to find a home under yours in the crawlspace.  These creatures are looking for food and comfortable temperatures.  They can find both under most homes.  Crawl spaces tend to be cooler because of the temperature of the home and they are shielded from the sun.  This is a perfect place for snakes to take up shelter.

Many other types of wildlife can be there as well and they will attract the reptiles.  Frogs, mice, rats, squirrels, toads, and other critters are all prey and they lead the snakes right to them.  It is so important to call wildlife experts whenever you see any type of animal near your home.  Some animals can lead to even worse infestations if not caught early.  Call us today for an inspection.

Snakes in the Yard

Overgrown vegetation and accumulating things in your yard can draw snakes as well. This can lead to them entering your home if the grass and bushes are overgrown right around the house or entries to the crawlspace. Often, these animals will curl up under items left outside to find shelter.

If windows are left open or crawlspace entries are broken or open you may as well be inviting them in. Make sure you are doing what you can to keep these creatures out. Keep vegetation trimmed and controlled and remove any unnecessary items from your yard. If you see any evidence of wildlife or snakes in or around your home’s crawlspace, call Nuisance Wildlife right away for an inspection. Do not go near the area on your own and keep family members and pets away as well.

Technician Holding a Snake
Technician Holding a Snake

Safe Snake Removal

Contacting our team should be your first thought for snake removal. With so many types of venomous and non venomous snakes out there it is best not to attempt removing any snakes yourself. Our service does not stop at getting them out of your home.

We will complete an inspection of your yard, home, crawlspace and attic. Locating any evidence is next. Indicators like skins, droppings or food sources is an important step in finding them. We will remove any snakes we find. Assessing the yard and vegetation is part of the evaluation as well. All recommendations will be made and provided to you. Keep your home and family safe, contact us today for an inspection of your property.